FAQ : Search engine optimization


General strategy

Can we pay Google to rank well?

No. You can pay for Google Ads that will appear in the search engine results pages (they appear with the word “Ad”), but this has no direct connection to SEO.

Does Google favor its SEA clients in SEO?

Will you be ranked higher in SEO, artificially, by Google if you buy advertising from the search engine? Basically, if you give SEO money to Google, will it reward you with better SEO positions? The answer is no, it is a myth.

What are the different types of SEO services?

They are very numerous, and that is why it is necessary to divide a SEO service, it can contain multiple actions: setting up specifications, technical audit, backlinks audit, semantic audit, research of queries and lexical fields, page optimization, link research, etc…

This is why a precise specification must be drawn up beforehand, in order to be able to put figures in front of each action carried out. The quote on the SEO service you will receive should be very clear and detailed on what is proposed to allow you to compare several offers.

How much does an SEO service cost?

An SEO strategy can be conducted internally or externally. Internally, it will be necessary above all to calculate the time spent working on this project. Externally, the cost will be different depending on the service provided: audit, optimization, netlinking, advice and / or implementation, etc. … The costs can be very variable depending on the website targeted and the degree of importance of the web in the overall strategy of the compan

It is globally impossible to estimate the cost of an SEO service without analyzing the needs and the objectives to be reached. You will quickly realize that for many questions, an SEO answer will be “it depends”. And he’s right, because it really depends on a lot of criteria.

How long does it take to be visible in SEO?

It all depends on the competitive aspect of the targeted queries, as well as other criteria such as the notoriety, popularity and age of the site to be positioned. A very recent site will have difficulty obtaining SEO traffic quickly, and it will be necessary above all to try to position oneself on queries that are not very competitive (long tail, even medium tail).

And then, over time, it will be possible to move up in terms of keywords. A website with “bottle” (more than 10 years) and a good notoriety / popularity can get very good results (Top 10 Google) in less than 5min on an interesting query (search volume of about 10 000/month). But this will represent 10 years of work before.

The problem comes from the legitimacy of the site in relation to the desired request. It is therefore false to say that “SEO is long”. The answer is much more complex than that and the timelines can be very short in some cases.

The exploration of a website by robots

How long does it take Google to index content?

In general, the indexation is very fast after the crawl. Sometimes it’s almost immediate. But the engine often has its moods at this level.

Does Google penalize sites that have a lot of 404 errors?

No, there is no such penalty. On the other hand, having a lot of 404 errors on your site can lead to a less good management of the crawl budget and therefore less good crawl.

How long does it take Google to crawl a content?

It all depends on your website. If Googlebot is used to come and look for new content, because your site is updated very often, it can be done very quickly, and sometimes in a few minutes. If your site is very static and little updated, this can be counted in days…

That’s why you have to get Googlebot used to come frequently, especially on your homepage, and propose on it links to your new pages. The robot will follow them and crawl the corresponding pages.


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